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The Agony and Glory of the Cross - Devotionals

These devotional lessons have been written by Eddie Cloer to complement your study of The Agony and Glory of the Cross. Please use them as part of your class or discussions.

1. At Midnight In the Garden
2. Your Will Be Done
3. The Weight of the Worlds Guilt
4. Watch and Pray
5. Were Jesus' Prayers Answered?
6. Let Us Be Going
7. Jesus and Judas
8. The Mistakes of Judas
9. Shall I Not Drink the Cup
10. The Prayer Jesus Did Not Pray
11. The Arrest of the Son of God
12. Christ Before Annas
13. An Unintentional Prophecy
14. Christ Before Caiaphas
15. You Have Said It Yourself
16. Looking into the Face of Jesus
17. The Sanhedrins Sentence
18. The Crimes of Christ
19. Standing Before the Truth
20. The Innocence of Jesus
21. Beyond Redemption
22. Jesus and Barabbas
23. The Disturbing Dream
24. The Washbasin
25. Is This the Son of God?
26. The Final Interview
27. Gabbatha
28. In Consecutive Order
29. The Bruised and Bleeding Back
30. The Humiliation of Jesus
31. The Thorn-Crowned Brow
32. On the Way to Calvary
33. Simon, Jesus Cross-Bearer
34. Weeping Over Sorrow
35. The Cup Jesus Would Not Drink
36. The Sufferings of Jesus
37. Where Was Jesus Crucified?
38. Between Two Thieves
39. What I Have Written
40. The Mockery of Jesus
41. The Brutal Taunts
42. The Meaning of Forgiveness
43. The Seamless Tunic
44. The Criminal Who Died a Criminal
45. Standing by Jesus
46. What Mary Saw
47. The Loneliness of Jesus
48. One Personal Request
49. It Is Finished
50. Jesus' Last Words
51. The Testimony of the Torn Veil
52. When the Rocks Cried Out
53. The Voice of the Open Tombs
54. The Delayed Miracle
55. Responding to the Divine Evidence
56. The Testimony of the Spear
57. Joseph of Arimathea
58. A Journey of Faith
59. Jesus' Funeral
60. Looking at the Tomb
61. Attempting the Impossible
62. Saturday
63. The Ministry of the Resurrection, 1
64. The Ministry of the Resurrection, 2
65. The Nail-Pierced Hands
66. Looking at God's Heart
67. Why Did Jesus Have to Suffer?
68. The Joy Before Him
69. Jesus, the Crucified Conqueror
70. Jesus My Savior
71. Jesus My Lord
72. The All-Sufficient Christ
73. Hallelujah, What a Savior!
74. The Conditions of Discipleship
75. The Highest Union
76. Under His Blood
77. What Is God Like
78. Grace Upon Grace
79. Why Are Your Garments Red?
80. God's Immeasurable Love
81. The Cross: The Fulfillment of Prophecy
82. When Jesus Died
83. The Constraint of the Cross
84. Ministers of Reconciliation
85. And NowWhat Shall We Do?
86. Not "When?"
87. My Name Written Over His Wounds
88. The Three Witnesses
89. A Heart Like God's
90. Destroy This Temple
91. The Savior and the Serpent
92. The Revelation of the Cross
93. The Drawing Power of the Cross
94. "Knowing That His Hour Had Come"
95. If You Had Known
96. God, Our Gracious Savior
97. The Cross in the Shadows
98. "Now"
99. When Satan Was Cast Out
100. When the World Was Judged
101. Why Is God's Amazing Grace So Amazing?
102. Will God Leave Us in Doubt?
103. "Grace Greater Than My Sin"
104. When Grace Becomes Grace
105. "There Is None to Help"
106. The Righteous Sufferer
107. The Gist of the Gospel
108. The Many Sides of God's Love
109. Not By "Bulls and Goats"
110. "Not as a Result of Works"
111. "By the Works of the Law No Flesh Will Be Justified in His Sight"
112. "Not . . . With Perishable Things Like Silver or Gold"
113. Grace That Overcomes
114. The Message of the Towel
115. "Lord, Do You Wash My Feet?"