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Campaigns: The Process

Distributing Becoming a Faithful Christian :

  1. Let us know if you are planning or would like to plan a campaign.
  2. We will work out printing and/or delivering the materials to your location.
  3. You work with the local congregation or Christians to distribute the material.
Even if you are planning a campaign that is 6 months or 10 years from now, we can start making arrangements.

Campaigns to Areas With Which You Are Connected

We understand if you have a specific location which you support and to which you send a campaign. We encourage you to continue what you are doing to strengthen the church and evangelize.

If you already have a campaign planned, would you be willing to make this distribution a part of your work in that area? We can have books waiting on you when you arrive.

Please let us know

Beginning now and continuing through , our emphasis is on .

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Special Campaign to Distribute

If you do not currently have a campaign planned, would you be willing to send Christians to a point of light? They can assist the national preacher or a national Christian in getting the 5,000 books into good hands.

Should you need assistance finding a place to go for a campaign, we will be delighted to help set up one where you could distribute materials.

Contact us to begin this process

Special Programs

If you know of a church that has a special outreach going on in a certain country, such as a TV or radio program, please let us know.

Perhaps those who are involved in these works can offer the books on their TV or radio programs. They can tell the people who are listening to their programs about the book Becoming a Faithful Christian and distribute them accordingly.

Contact us to share your information
Take a glance at the books you would distribute.